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Oh look it’s the mysterious Palkia! +*+*+*

posted 1 year ago

Palkia has been reserved.

posted 1 year ago



Have anymore questions for us? Send an ask or mention us on Twitter. As for now, check if your questions are answered here.

Are we allowed to Roleplay Trainers?

Of course, but please keep in mind that you won’t be able to “capture” any of the current Pokemon without their permission. 

How long are hiatuses for?

Hiatuses are as long as you ask for, but we try to keep the maximum of 6 weeks. 

How will I know who to roleplay with?

Whenever you’re lost as to who you’re allowed to roleplay with, check our official Twitter’s Following list. We only follow our Pokemon and Admins. Of course you are allowed to interact with anyone of your choice, as it says in our rules, but please try to interact with your fellow Pokemon/Trainers mostly.

What about Re-Tweeting?

Re-Tweets are allowed of course! But remember; this isn’t your personal account. Re-Tweet things that are relevant to the RP.

My Pokemon has been taken by someone else who didn’t reserve it! What should I do?

Simple. Notify us as soon as possible, and we’ll get it sorted.

What do you call “active”?

Well, we’d like you to be online and Roleplaying at least once a week. This doesn’t include Re-Tweets, Favorites etc. An open Tweet or Interactions would be more appropriate.

I want to evolve my Pokemon. How long will I have to wait to do this?

You can choose to evolve them whenever feels best for you. Try not to do it every couple of days, though. That’s a little too quick! Also, you don’t have to evolve them; it only adds more fun to the Roleplaying in our opinion but hey who cares


posted 1 year ago

Look who’s here, the sparking Pokemon, Minun~!

posted 1 year ago

Minun has been reserved.

posted 1 year ago
Are we allowed to drop/flee our Pokemon?

Yep, but we’ll need you to notify us before.

posted 1 year ago

Ouch! Here’s our sharpest Pokemon, Pawniard! 

posted 1 year ago

Pawniard has been reserved.

posted 1 year ago

♫ Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer—Only joking. It’s the beautiful Deerling!

posted 1 year ago

Deerling has been reserved.

posted 1 year ago